04 May 2015

Managing vs Leading a Team: The Importance of Motivation

There are tons of Digital Marketing Agencies out there, tons of Digital Marketing tools, tons of advertising platforms. Nevertheless, your agency can be unique, unbeatable and inimitable...thanks to your Team! In this post we will learn the difference between Managing vs. Leading a team. Let's dig in!

Managing vs Leading a Team.
Managing vs Leading a Team.

07 March 2015

Google AdWords URL Options - Goodbye Destination URL, Welcome Final URL!

Google changed "Destination URL" field into "Final URL". In case we don't use tracking management or thirds parties URLs for our landing pages there will be no difference between the two, no additional efforts required. If we use tracking management, this brand new feature called URL Options will help us to easily customize our URL parameters. In this post we will learn where to find this brand new feature in our AdWords Account. Let's check it out!

Google AdWords URL Options - Good Bye Destination URL, Welcome Final URL!
Google AdWords URL Options - Goodbye Destination URL, Welcome Final URL! 

28 February 2015

Adwords Custom Columns: Conversions

In a previous post of this blog we explained how to sort out duplicated conversion value issues using AdWords Segments & Excel VLOOKUP. In this post  we will use a different approach: Custom Columns. Let's dig in!

Google AdWords Custom Columns.
Google AdWords Custom Columns.

15 February 2015

PPC Marketing & Local Advertising

In this post we are going to talk about PPC Marketing & Local Advertising: a must-read post for all local business owners! The post contains the following paragraphs:
  1. Google AdWords, Google Maps & Google My Business;
  2. Google AdWords Ads & Locations Targeting;
  3. Google AdWords Location Options;
  4. Google Analytics - Location Report.

PPC Marketing & Local Advertising.
PPC Marketing & Local Advertising.

17 January 2015

AdWords: How To Sort Out Duplicated Conversion Values Using Excel

As you may know, it is possible to import Google Analytics goals into Google AdWords Conversion Tracking. In case you use both features at the same time, you could run the risk of tracking more than once the same transaction collecting multiple times data regarding Conversion and Total Conv. Value. In this post we will learn how to extrapolate the correct data from an account with duplicated goals. Let's dig in!

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