28 January 2013

Give a boost to your tweets: 35 Free Twitter Tools!

Twitter is one of my favourite Online Platforms, and it seems that I am not the only one who thinks that:
In June 2012 Twitter passed 500 million users! Using "Twitter" as a search term in Google Trends you can see the evolution of this term in the "interest over time" graph; moreover, you can see how the regional interest regarding this trend evolved, using the function "view change over time" (see red arrow in the image below). Twitter is a powerful social network whose recipe is based on few and simple ingredients.  If you want to give a boost to your tweets, here you have 35 free Twitter tools! I hope you like them!

Google Trends: Twitter.
Google Trends: Twitter.

Real time Twitter search tools:

Twitter alerts tools:

Twitter account monitoring and analytics tools:

Follow-unfollow tools:

Twitter account maintenance and management:

Hashtags tools: 

Twitter and Social Newsstand:

How to schedule tweets:

Twitter Search: 

I will close this post with a bang sharing with you a fantastic tool that allows us to check out the World Twitter activity in real time: Tweeping (see image below).

Tweeping (Screenshot).

Now it is your turn: Do you know some other interesting free Twitter tool? Leave your comment in our blog and share with us your passion regarding Twitter and Social Media! 

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