17 June 2013

Email Marketing Dos and Don'ts

In this post we will talk about Email Marketing: is it still useful in the Social Media Era? Let's find out together!

Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Gmail and Mailchimp logos.
Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Gmail and Mailchimp logos.

Without any further ado, let's dispel doubts regarding this matter: Email Marketing is one of the most important tactics for Digital Marketing, and it works! 

Email Marketing gives us the possibility to deliver relevant, engaging and timely marketing messages about our products to a specific group of recipients. When used properly, Email Marketing is a great tactic for our lower conversion funnel. In the next paragraphs we will discover some useful stats, best practices and the most common errors about Email Marketing. Let's dig in!

Email vs Facebook (Source: ExactTarget, Exact Target Channel Survey 2012)
  • 91% of email address owners uses email at least daily;
  • 57% of Facebook Users uses this platform every day; 
  • 66% of people has made a purchase as a result of a marketing message via Email;
  • 20% has made a purchase via Facebook. 

Email Marketing ROI (Source: The Magill Report)
  • In 2011 for every dollar spent on email marketing, marketers had a $41 return-on-investment.
  • In 2012 for every pound spent on email marketing, marketers had a £28.50 return-on-investment

Email Marketing Dos 

  • Send only relevant content, get to the point;  
  • Engage your audience with targeted messages;
  • Provide a tangible benefit to every subscriber (download a pdf, a voucher discount...);
  • Use great call-to-actions ("Download Ebook", "Enter Competition", "Like us on Facebook", "Call Now");
  • Segment your audience, creating lists based on gender, age, geography, interests, purchase history;
  • During the acquisition phase of new email subscribers, only seek relevant information, taking into account that less is more (the more fields the customer has to fill out in the subscription process, the more likely is the customer to abandon the latter);
  • Put in every page of your website/blog an easy-to-find Email subscriber widget;
  • Extend your data collection also offline (trade shows, sales calls, events...);
  • Be sure to use servers for bulk email;
  • Use a testing service;
  • Use Alt text for images;

Email Marketing Don'ts

  • Don't buy Email Lists
  • Don’t loose sight of your main goal delivering too much messages and information;
  • Don't send emails to people without having received from them the explicit consent to do so within the last twelve months;
  • Don't send emails that contain only images;
  • Don't use images for your call-to-action, images should never carry the meaning of the email;
  • Don't use intrusive pop-ups;
  • Don't overuse all caps;
  • Don't overuse punctuation and exclamation marks;
  • Don't use special characters in the email text;
  • Avoid words such as “Free” / “Discount” / “Offer” / “Buy” / “Unsubscribe” / “Click Here”;
  • Don't send attachments;
  • Don't use Flash, Video or animated bits;

Email Marketing Reporting: what do we have to monitor?

  • Recipient Activity: who opened and clicked, etc.
  • Link Activity & Overlay: what content was popular, who clicked?
  • Social Sharing & Forwards: who shared with friends?
  • Opens & Clicks Over Time: find your best time to deliver your message;
  • Email Client Usage: which email clients are being used? Is mobile a relevant factor for your email marketing campaigns?
  • Bounce Summary: who didn't receive your message and why?
  • Unsubscribe Report: why are you losing your subscribers?
  • How Many Opens: identify your brand evangelists and find a way to reward them.

Email Marketing Useful Info

That's all! What is your experience with Email Marketing? Share your wisdom with us leaving a comment below!


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